Friday, October 12, 2007

Thursday night wordfest

Poets rock. That really should be the theme of this blog in terms of its relationship to WordFest. Now, if only everyone else knew this... Word of mouth featured poetry of all kinds, and one novelist, Andrew Wedderburn, who fit right in with the word-attentive crowd. Toronto poet Stuart Ross nailed his performance (a wow), Newfoundland poet Agnes Walsh, looking very Edwardian in her brocaded jacket, nailed more than a few linguistic and imagistic east coast moments in a delicate, yet forceful reading. The regal Valerie Mason-Jones brought us a snippet of her one-woman show, Queenie, an exploration of a bi-racial royal which remains a thorn in the royal family's backside...and then there was an Australian hiphop artist to close the show.

Tonight the Hound reads in the Poetry Bash following the Anansi reading and the Showcase event at the Vertigo Theater.

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