Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wordfest, Wordfeast, very brief report

It began with a bang last night. Calgary is already full of writers and too many events to try and catch all at there are five times as many..and the problem of how to be in two places at once. Yes, I want to hear Marie-Claire Blais, but it's at the same time as another must attend, yes I need to hear William Gibson, Nancy Huston and Kirin Desai but there are friends and former Banff folks such as Ameen Merchant bringing out his first novel, a former UVIC classmate, Canadians I haven't heard read yet but need to such as Michael Winter, and newcomer Wedderburn. Then there are the poets! Priscilla Uppal, Stuart Ross, Dennis Lee, Neils Hav...

Many new faces too: Valerie, and this guy...and this guy.

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