Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La

Number 1 on my work out playlist...still...and it's been there a very long time.


seth said...

i don't want to say, but i have to say that it's like you've read my mind.
it's funny because i've only started practicing en francais maintenant, and i get told my french is bad, but i've only started just as i've left montreal. it's funny everything happens afterwards. And so i was recently sent poetry by baudelaire I think it was, the first poems I'm now reading in french, and though i didn't like one of the two, it left an impression, it was a dungeon-type poem but in its embrace I slept and dreamt sweetly. though i don't want to say, you have no idea how sweet this is or the feeling it has caused.

J Crockett said...

i get that too, but i'm commenting here before watching the video (if that's relevant to seth's appreciation, i don't know, but i watch very few videos..)

been here half an hour, pondering a bit between a few entries. oh, and apparently we're facebook friends.. i don't know how that happened, so, as a Jung-nut, i love it.