Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Days

Something passing, originally uploaded by lemon hound. From Patricia Rozema's film version of Happy Days with Rosaleen Linehan.

"Blond for preference...."A few choice lines from actors who have portrayed Beckett's Winnie over the years...

Winnie is like all these Irish women who are widows even before their husband's death.
--Aideen O'Kelly

Once, when I was very desperate, he (Beckett) read me the entire play in German. He was the best Winnie ever.
--Eva Katharina Schultz

It was a problem for me to play a role, reduced so much by the author on the one hand and so richly endowed at the same time.
--Nancy Illig

You can't even move a knee, because it would show immediately in the neck or night a fly got into the mound. I couldn't do a thing about it.
--Aideen O'Kelly

Once you accept the parameters it all seems normal.
--Brenda Bynum

When I first read Happy Days I thought...what the hell is this man doing writing about me?
--Billie Whitelaw

I was always very conscious of the rhythm and let it carry me along...
--Dame Peggy Ashcroft

I make no distinction between the words, the gestures, the objects... For me it's a whole; it's the inner state that counts.
--Madeleine Renaud

Winnie is for women what Hamlet is for men..a 'summit' part.
--Dame Peggy Ashcroft

I didn't know what to do; I was very unhappy. I had a complete feeling of failure. When you feel that you are going to be a failure you don't work well anymore...
--Hanna Marron

The lines keep repeating. There was no imagination being applied; you just were doing what’s written. I sat in between tables with mounds of sandbags... It really is a killer.
--Fiona Shaw

Against all odds it holds promise...
--Fiona Shaw

Physically he takes things from you and puts you in an impossible situation...
--Brenda Bynum

It's the oddest sensation.
--Nancy E. Carroll