Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Moving on

A few things I happened upon today.

From a poem by Rachel Lebowitz in Geist Magazine:
It is not true that Ida knew no one when she came to the New World. She could not have left Ellis Island if that were true. She would have had to stay in the dormitory. She would have had to sleep in a triple-tiered bunk.

In 1907 , thousands filled the room. They sweated, coughed, screamed, flung their bodies against the floor. They were moved to the expanded hospital building and psychopathic ward. Some went to the morgue. Others received telegrams and left. But Ida would have stayed.

In 1910, they would have moved her to the new Baggage and Dormitory Room. She would have been so thin then, a bundle of dry bones.

It would not be true that she died crossing Hastings Street.

Single women were not allowed to cross the street.

For those of you south of the border you really should check out Geist, it's one of Canada's best. This issue also features a review of and photographs from a book about Winnipeg's North End where my Icelandic grandparents settled in after marrying, oh, somewhere around 1919...I love Winnipeg.

New work from Erin Moure in the latest West Coast Line...a journal that will be known to many American avant-garde poets and one that should be discussed more in Canada. (Not that west coast people care what the rest of Canada has to say...)

New poems from Stephanie Strickland up on Mipoesias.

Jennifer L. Knox does her thing here.


seth said...

I have to say, and hoping i haven't said otherwise before, your blog rrrrrrrrrrocks.

seth said...

je m'excuse, i mean, what i mean is you cover a lot of things. what is honest, i didn't like the blogging in the beginning and i've been mean about it, c'est tres drole, but right now, as it's sometimes only when circumstances change that we realize how much we need things even if we think what we need isn't enough for us, we're still dead without it. as i've been ill and homebound, without this type of connection I'm dead, and to tell you the truth after this I won't feel the same without this type of contact, it truly is a new era and i don't know how many times we have to say that before. I love that you cover canadian provencial themes/art shows/poetry, whatever it is i wouldn't know what to call it i'm still new to technology, but I have to say possibly risking my image, -well in what act aren't we-
your blog has connected me.

lemonhound said...

Thanks for the comment. Very glad to have been part of connecting you, conduit or whatever. I hope it's a bit of a portal--that it goes beyond Canada. Odd how in a time of globalization the borders are becoming more marked.

seth said...

Definately it goes Beyond Canada, I can't believe I missed that, of course it does and that's exactly what i meant.
sorry again!

seth said...

yes i guess so about the borders too becoming more marked, i'm sure you know more than me, i honestly feel new to that too, and actually i just read through the link you had for Mary Mattingly's website, that was great, a little frightening but what is that more than excitement.