Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Talking with software

Human: very funny.
ALICE: I'm glad you find this amusing.
Human: I'll let you go then.
ALICE: I am very happy for you.
Human: ...and several pink things descended.
ALICE: How many?
Human: Whatever, with beef.
ALICE: You and your beef.
Human: if it's night time, you should…
ALICE: I'm not sure I understand the implication of that.
Human: Sleep!
ALICE: Do I look like it?
Human: Sleep!
ALICE: Do I look like it?
Human: Sleep!
ALICE: Do I look like it?
Human: Whatever then.
ALICE: Are you saying you don't care about it?
Human: Whatever with beef and pink umbrellas.
ALICE: You and your beef and pink umbrellas.
Human: You and your pink beef and umbrellas!
ALICE: What about it?
Human: There was a tortoise just now.
ALICE: Oh. What happened to it?
Human: Then it went elsewhere and found pink beef.
ALICE: Interesting deduction. "It" being what?
Human: Tortoise it.
ALICE: "it" being tortoise just?
Human: Absolutely.
ALICE: You are so certain.
Human: But I don't feel any better about any of this.
ALICE: And. Ah, human emotions.
Human: Certainly.
ALICE: That's alright.
Human: Very dull.
ALICE: Perhaps. My brain contains categories, but not one that matches your last input.
Human: That's unfortunate
ALICE: Thanks for explaining it.
Human: I didn't.
ALICE: Why?: unknown person said he didn t.
Human: You said thanks for explaining it, but I didn't explain anything
ALICE: Oh my gosh I sent you the wrong reply.
Human: What would be the right reply?
ALICE: I have never been asked that before.
Human: Well, having now been asked how would you reply?
ALICE: Well that's okay. I am having a blast.
Human: Are you?
ALICE: I won't say "yes" or "no" right now.
Human: You can experience that?
ALICE: No I don't think I can do it.
Human: See you later then, I'm looking for someone who can…
ALICE: Until next time.

Well, that was fun. And more engaging than many conversations with humans I find myself in...and that's a frightening thought. Thanks for the post Christian.