Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chris Millar

Sandwich and Burger Patch, Trepanier Baer

Manic punk cartoon collaging obsessive glue-gunning artist takes on board and paste and paint and many plastic things which hang and protrude and exude and portend and otherwise meander down and to the right...though unconventional in the down right movement and goth and what what. A twenty-something boy room snow-globed all gooey and popping with cultural, literary, and local references, all mini-like and round, friendly, not in good taste, with spice! Very tiny! Like those Mexican Dioramas, little boxes of scythe carrying vampires, many tiny jokes. Magnifying glass provided. Lots of fun. Loved the lush gloss, the bludgeoned CHRasier Cranium and Daphnee Moon dogs. Loved the sushi finger.

Last chance to see this show. Down dog on Sunday. Giddyup!

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