Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bits and links

magill library, Haverford College. Originally uploaded by lemon hound.

You'll find a new photograph from the Books and Portraits pool once a week on Lemon Hound henceforth. Random bites this week:

CBC takes a look at Mavis Gallant, a Hound favorite. Do take a look yourself, and check out that vintage photo. Monica Vitti? There's also a charming interview with Eleanor Wachtel. Link on the above page.

You can hear a story by Mavis Gallant on the New Yorker out loud which you can also subscribe to in iTunes. While you're there you can subscribe to Avant Garde all the time and selections from the Poetry Foundation...and on and on.

Hey all, the Hound has some fiction in the latest issue of This Magazine. We need to subscribe and support the few Canadian magazines of this quality that have managed to survive, and in this case, thrive. Elizabeth Bachinsky has poetry in there too.

What does an architect have to say about The Office for Soft Architecture?

Speaking of Lisa Robertson, have you seen this new poem? It's in No, a journal out of California. Also Matrix has a fabulous interview with Lisa Robertson by the wonderful Angela Carr. Website here, but they don't have much online...

Add this piece on the Four Horsemen to shows I have missed and feel bad about already...

Raincoast bails: no surprise there.

This is an old one, but it still makes me laugh. I mean last time I looked Brooklyn wasn't a country...a very cool boro. But come on? You go to New York and you come back whining? This is just a cliche isn't it?

And here's a sad wrangling of poets?

Update on the Frost House trashing in Vermont.

Toronto Star offers a video marking the count down to Earth Hour, which I'm hoping will make some impact.

Very busy these days, many apologies for the lack of posts. And by request I am turning the comments back on...yet again!

On the boards, an interview with Mairead Byrne. Stay tuned.

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