Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday bits n' bites

Elizabeth Treadwell has organized a folio of responses (direct and indirect) to the Chicago Review / Poetry Foundation debate on "the numbers," issue, referring to gender and publication. You'll find a wee note from Stein via the Hound, as well as excellent tidbits from such luminaries as Treadwell herself, and CA Conrad, Joyelle MacSweeney on "anthological thinking," (love that!) and belladonna's Rachel Levitsky, and so on. See Delirious Hem.

Canadian Ellen Page in the NY Times Magazine.

The Hound has tried not to read or respond to any of the Canadian reviews of Open Field...but perhaps enough time has passed now (or not...maybe it is never appropriate to comment on such things??). In any case, comments like the one this reviewer makes, and which Todd Swift quotes on his blog, are particularly bothersome. First of all, they don't have much to do with Open Field it seems to me, other than to cast some vague shadow of suspicion on the project...and why Americans haven't done an anthology earlier and why this one is...well, not the right if there can only be one, should only be one...(no wonder they didn't do one earlier...). Anyhow this tactic of passive aggressively undermining things seems to have lodged itself as the dominant strand of criticism in Canada in the past seven years this poet has been away...too bad. It leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. And useful? Well, if one wants to perpetuate a bad taste, then yes, to those people it is useful. (And that's the last the Hound will say about the latter.)

On a cheerier note! An autographed first editions of one of the Hound's favourite books is up on the auction you can't guess...

Interviews are popping up all over the place these day. But what makes a good one? A sense of conversation? Of digging in to an issue? Of catching one's thinking? Detailing a specific process? Here's one between Shawna Lemay and Kimmy Beach. A shout out to Ms. Angela Carr, by the way, she who has done a spate of excellent interviews for Matrix Magazine. I've just dipped into the Matrix Interviews that she edited with R. Allen back in 2000. So much can be learned from the questions.

Other highlights include Gail Scott, Anne Carson, Marie-Claire Blais, Robert Majzels, and Irving Layton himself! Fabulous work Matrix. And again, a shout out to Angela who has done myself, Nathalie Stephens and Lisa Robertson in the last year or so.

Meanwhile, the number of internet users in China is expected to overtake that of the US in a matter of hours...

Oh, Superman...Herbie Mann rock on.

And ya, Obama.

Plus a link to a CBC concert on demand that features many things including Ginsberg's Howl.

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