Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This is something new about sincerity?

Sincerity is J. Crew...sincerity is rhetoric...sincerity is a long leash (oops did I say long? I certainly didn't mean long)...sincerity is about keeping "other" at bay...sincerity is a conservative trope...

But over at the Poetry Foundation they're giving Sincerity a sincere once over. Yet again. Can't quite get out of their idea of it--try quoting someone outside the system no? Come on, Gluck and Frost?? The title of Peter Campion's essay is "Sincerity and Its Discontents in American Poetry Now." Note the "now" and note the absolute lack of a "now" in the essay... All I ask is that people look around. Give us a range of people thinking about sincerity!! Or maybe it's just me who wants to be open...hey, maybe I'm just one of those annoying insincere others...

Still ending an essay with the following statement just irks:
But it doesn’t take any of these as a set position. The lesson, in the end, is a formal one. You’ll know the sincere poem from the way it moves.

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