Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bits, bites and an old favorite....

So, anyone notice any change poetry-wise at the New Yorker now that Paul Muldoon is poetry editor?? (big silence). A recent piece on Sabrina Harman of the infamous Abu Ghraib fiasco, features online content that augments the dense and chilling snaps she added to our treasure trove of war imagery. The footage, from a documentary by Morris, is also disturbing...and I'm not sure we are any closer to understanding our contemporary impulse to "shoot everything..." And Morris is irritating as hell...ick. Full of judgment. There are snapsots of Harman here.

I posted on this show back in February. Since then CBC Radio has developed even more online content (amazing podcasts) and you can listen to multiple concerts on demand. Here is the entire show, or just listen to Tubular Bells...and here's another concert from a Calgarian I met this evening. Amir Amiri is a composer/musician with a Persian background...great work.

Oprah...What is she up to now? Have you listened in?

Not much action in the Oprah dream world...they are posted anonymously people...

Canadians love to embrace Elizabeth Bishop. Here is Eric Ormsby waxing romantically about her in the New York Sun. The Hound is as big a Bishop fan as the next ball of fur, but finds it curious that no one ever mentions her oppressive and tightly formed against the world she was (poetically and otherwise), how cold in many ways. Or is this what Ormsby means by the "hard truths" of her intimacy? The way she describes the death of her lover for one...curious no one ever talks about that.

Coming soon: interview with Poetry Project's Stacy Szymaszek.

And here's a little something. Whatever happened to Grace Jones?

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