Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dr. Henrietta Mann - a TITANIC discovery

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Using the latest DNA technology to study one of the strains of bacteria recovered from the Titanic’s rusticles, Dr. Henrietta Mann, of Dalhousie’s Faculty of Engineering, and former graduate student, Dr. Bhavleen Kaur, have discovered a new species of bacteria.

That the Dalhousie researchers were the first to discover the new species was just recently confirmed. “This news was almost as exciting as doing the actual research,” said Dr. Mann.

When asked what they named their discovery, Dr. Mann said, “we named it BH1, after ourselves, Bhavleen and Henrietta.” This name is temporary, until the scientific community determines a permanent one. The new species, BH1, belongs to the genus Halomonas of the family Halomonadaceae.