Monday, August 18, 2008

Globe and Mail Book Section

Please take a minute to write the Globe and Mail regarding the disappearing weekend Book Section. We have our gripes about it, but it's our only real national voice. It's absolutely shocking that a newspaper of the Globe and Mail's stature would consider a Books Section optional. A more imaginative approach might be in order. A more dynamic interface, a book blog like The Guardian and The New York Times have, might be in order, but canceling the Book Section is like cutting off our future. There are already so view viable venues for discussing literature in this country it's quite unbelievable this could even be considered.

Expanded yes. Diversified yes. Refreshed yes. Cancelled? Absolutely not.

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J Morrow said...

Blech. The G+M books section was never up to much, other than promoting their buddied chapbooks, published my shitheaps in Nanaimo:

my body
surplus contingent
in a field of famine:
my outer is a garden in Toronto.

Fuck them. 1.25mil for 'The Gargoyle'? It was only a matter of time before it all disappears from the weight of its own inconsequence.

Rot in hell, Canlit.