Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More ado about not much

Couldn't leave a comment about the comment and ongoing discussion concerning the new Penguin Anthology of Canadian fiction so I'll leave it here. It's a simple bit of instruction courtesy of Sharon Harris' Avatar. One need only replace poetry with fiction. A move that matters about as much as whether a reviewer likes or enjoys a piece of art matters to the assessment of a given piece of art or literature:
There is a very simple method for distinguishing a good poem from a bad one without hurting anyone’s feelings. Rotate the poem in question on a plate, and the true masterpiece will spin in the mind for eons. If its form and content are uniformly distributed and mostly pure, then it will stay upright like a top.

The contradictions within a lesser work prevent this. Since the form and content are likely warring, these opposing forces create a sense of inertia. Thus the poem falls flat and doesn’t stand up to the force of reviewing.

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seth said...

I love your blog, couldn't read it for a while and thought how much I missed you.