Friday, August 08, 2008

parc baldwin

Rain, rain, and more rain. Still, perfect weather for writing an essay and taking mid-day running breaks. parc Baldwin is near rue Rachel and rue Fullum. It's the central feature of run #3, the east side of the plateau. This part is entirely surrounded by triplexes, tall, and well-treed. Behind the park to the east two major thruways and the eastern leg of rail lines cup the north east part of the plateau. A covy of trees near a factory houses so many crows you can hear them from this park, quite a ways off. Just around the corner there is a tiny cafe called Les Belles Souer. It's not on rue Fabre however, where Tremblay was born.

I wonder what the last Quebecois poet you read was? Aside from Nicole Brossard, I mean. There are other poets aside from Brossard, right? Somewhere? I'll get on that...

Meanwhile across the pond French literature is, well, a little gloomy.

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