Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Short Fiction

A look at the world of short fiction with--we are told--a Canadian slant. So far the big-guns, but perhaps we'll have evidence of a healthy range of practitioners in Canada. I've been wanting to do an anthology of Canadian fiction for some time now, thinking about it for a non-Canadian audience which is a useful exercise. Last year I wrote an essay on Canadian fiction for a literary journal in Paris--it only appeared in French alas. But for my own part I've been so incredibly bored by short fiction in Canada that I find it difficult to comment, and impossible to read. I try, I do try.

But perhaps I just need lunch?


gary barwin said...

I have the feeling that much 'short fiction' calls itself "poetry," since, in some cases, much of the current fiction world is more conservative, or at least has fewer paradigms open to it.

Not that there isn't lots of great 'fiction' that calls itself 'fiction.'

lemonhound said...

Well, even the term fiction is problematic...and yes, conservative. Not that it knows it's conservative.

lemonhound said...

One question I've asked before is why has the novel been so worked over, while the short story remains a relatively un-innovated form.