Monday, October 06, 2008

Does poetry matter? On the one hand a poet like Mahmoud Darwish, clearly motivating a generation of people. On the other, the recent uproar over the Issue 1 Anthology that Ron Silliman, Kenneth Goldsmith and others have commented on. Kind of gets at the crux of the North American contemporary poetry scene by holding a mirror up to its nose. All these poets with google alerts. Is everyone really simply reading and looking for their own reflection? The comments are pretty funny. You can read a note from the editor here, and the comments here.


Lemon Hound said...

A request to post the following:

as someone else who has written the names of poets into my own work (in this case the "signing" of poems in O Cadoiro with the names of medieval troubadours) and has worked with mechanical text creation (Pillage Laud), i find this project immensely enjoyable (tho my name wasn't used as a line of poetry!), and the responses to it hilarious... especially the poet/s who raise the spectre of suing the perpetrators of poetic acts that engage names... is a name real though? is a name always believably hitched to its person? or isnt it a bit of a freefloating signifier?

in Pillage Laud, I used this as one of the epigraphs... from Samuel Beckett's "Enough"...

"... the art of combining is not my fault. It's a curse from above. For the rest I would suggest: not guilty."

Thanks for making me aware of this, Sina... a lemon treat... since i am not usually on the blogosphere i would have missed it!


Lemon Hound said...

FYI, yes, I am in it. But I haven't read my poem...figure it's already in my head.

Steven Fama said...

Good question, really good question, about whether people are mostly looking for their reflection.

Maybe related, most blogs have a stat counter, but I cannot figure out why. This habit-cliche of bloggers does not seem either often explained or questioned.

Why does it matter how many are reading what is posted?

Lemon Hound said...

Yes, why the stat counter? And why the links? I took the counter out a while back, but put one in again. Why is a good question. Knowing too much about one's readers is probably not a good idea.