Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New Day

Jesse Jackson's face seemed to sum up the night. Eight years of disconnect, decades more of neglect, an ugly knot is undone. Integrity makes a comeback.

Congratulations everybody.






Teresa Carmody said...

Yes, to see Jesse Jackson weeping like this while standing in the throng at Grant Park. Amazing and incredibly moving. It IS a new day.

(Though I have to add a sad and literally parenthetical note about the face of bigotry raising its nasty head in California, deciding it doesn't approve of my marriage. At least Vanessa and I married in Canada, where there is no residency requirement, so even if our home state doesn't recognize us, Canada does!)

Joy Leftow said...

Very true my brother.
I hope the social programs of the 70's will make a return too to provide a way out for some.
I'm so tired of the haves and have nots with a sinking economy and limited medical care for people who worked their entire lives.
I live on hope these days but I'm still hungry.
Got your name from Bernard's list and by the way, love the name Lemon Hound.

Lemon Hound said...

i'm shocked and dismayed about this...