Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
  • A new online journal looks very promising indeed. Agora Review is publishing reviews and interviews regularly, though not poetry it seems. They are doing chapbooks and broadsides that you can download but I can't see online pages per se. Recently they have printed a series of essays from Margaret Christakos Influency Series. Great idea.
  • The Poetic Front: a promising journal out of SFU, taking advantage of the pdf format.
  • The KSW website. Kudos to Donato for creating a useful online resource in Canada.
  • The big American poetry sites: Ubu.Web and Penn Sound thank you, thank you, thank you Kenny, Al Filreis, Charles Bernstein--these resources are amazing. The Poetry Foundation comes third after those two, and yah, the PF has much, much more money. But money is only useful if its used. And used with vision. The Harriet blog is a fantastic start. How did Kenny Goldsmith create UBU? More people should be talking to him about that.
  • Kenny's avant garde podcasts rock.
  • Poem Talk has some great episodes.
  • rob Mclennan's issue of Open Letter 13, Number 6, Summer 2008 is a knock out. Great interview with Lisa Robertson, essays by Donato Mancini, Allessandro Porco, derek beaulieu, Jill Hartman and Jonathan Ball. Now can we get a sampling online please?
  • The editors that chose to do the concrete and visual poetry feature in Poetry Magazine: bravo, bravo.
  • The New Yorker fiction podcasts. I know, I know, we aren't supposed to like New Yorker fiction, but I do. I admit it. Nowhere else can one find such a high proportion of excellent, engaging fiction. Sorry people. Do I wish the editors were more inventive in terms of what they included? Absolutely. Am I not sometimes disappointed by the sameness of the worlds? The formulaic structures? Absolutely. Still, no one else consistently publishes this kind of satisfying, quality fiction. Nowhere. And the fiction podcasts make the best case for the magazine. An amazing resource. There is no Canadian publication that even comes close...oops, that goes on the bad column. But it's true.
  • Geist Magazine on the other hand, does publish consistently good excerpts and is single-handedly attempting to offer space for entre-genre work, great photography and intelligent commentary. This is a stellar publication and a bright spot on the internet. This is in fact, a magazine with vision. The editors have not only been publishing the magazine for a decade, but mentoring young Canadian writers directly and indirectly.
  • BookThug shows vision in reprinting an out of print Steve McCaffery text, Every Way Oakley, alongside its muse text, Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons.
  • Les Figues for Vanessa Place's Dies: A Sentence and Stan Apps' God's Livestock Policy and the promise of much more to come, bravo.
  • Ugly Duckling Presse for everything.
  • belladonna for everything.
Books that made an impression (in no particular order):
  • Margaret Christakos, What Stirs, Coach House 2008
  • M. Nourbese Philip, Zong!, Wesleyan/Mercury, 2008
  • Jeramy Dodds, Crabwise to the Hounds, Coach House 2008
  • Vanessa Place, Dies: A Sentence, Les Figues
  • Jason Camlot, The Debaucher, Insomniac 2008
  • David O'Meara, Noble Gas, Penny Black, Brick Books, 2008
  • Helen Humphreys, The Frozen Thames, M&S 2008
  • Tim Lilburn, Orphic Politics, M&S 2008
  • Henri Cole, Blackbird and Wolf, FSG 2007
  • Rachel Zolf, Human Resource, Coach House 2007
  • K. Silem Mohammad, Breathalyzer
  • Dawn Lundy Martin, A Matter of Gathering / A Gathering of Matter, University of Georgia Press, 2007
and a few that I'm still considering/reading:
  • Alison Pick, The Dream World
  • Jacob McArthur Mooney, New Layman's Almanac
  • David Trinidad, The Late Show
  • Rita Wong, Forage
  • Sachiko Murakami, The Invisibility Exhibit
  • Elizabeth Treadwell, Wardolly
  • Kevin Connolly, Revolver
  • Vanessa Place, La Medusa, FC2
  • Stan Apps, God's Livestock Policy
Incomplete list as half of my books are in my office at school...and I must admit that I have not read all the books I wanted to read this year either. A few in particular: Ariana Reines' Coeur de Lion, Patchen's The Walking-Away World, the collected Oppen, Silliman's The Alphabet, my vocabulary did this to me The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer, edited by Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian, and so on.

Women Who Do! I haven't posted one of these in months...but here's a women who does. Carol Matthews, a former teacher of yours truly and an inspiring woman gets an honorary degree from Malaspina.

The Bad and the Ugly to come after Christmas, and this list will change over the coming days too. Meanwhile, Happy Holidays all. Thanks for all the great poetry.


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