Monday, March 30, 2009

Erin Moure believes in poetry, do you?

"It can change my world. And does, and has and will . . . Anything that affects my body, that my body undergoes, also affects my writing. My writing affects my life (the vice versa) because I must do it, so I give up many other things. In my writing and in my translation, too, later on, I discover traces of my life, of my autobiography. Though I do not write autobiography."
Moure on the Globe and Mail book blog.
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Chris said...

That quote doesn't actually express much of a belief in poetry, surely? I mean, poetry changes her world, but then so does everything else she does. And then it is like an addiction, but perhaps not a bad one. I mean, I'm not sure what's being believed in here. Yes, she writes poetry. I believe that she does!

Sorry to be all cynical, or to post without reading the G&M article in its full...

Chien Bâtard said...

Mr. Piuma, Your comment doesn't actually express much evidence of being sorry for being cynical, or of posting without reading the G&M article in its full. I'm not sure what is being objected to here. Yes he is commenting. Yes, he is griping. I'm sure he believes in his griping! I believe it too!


Chris said...

queror ergo sum. I gripe therefore I am.

Chien Bâtard said...

Come, gripe any time!