Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A spoof of the spoofs of spoofs

I heard my name this morning.
I heard it later in the afternoon as well.
Over a latte and a brownie at JavaU it occurred to me to think of me.
If I think of me and tell of me it makes me more me.
I rarely hear other people's names (unless they are me).
I rarely offer other people lattes or brownies, though I admit
they often occupy the same space as myself.

It will feel like a big lump, he said.

You should move clockwise.

Have you had enough?
Have you heard of me lately too?
If not, please check my blog.
If you check my blog you will find instructions.

The inside is not as ripe as the outside.

Several poems occurred while you weren't looking.

What you thought about me earlier today really pissed me off.


gary barwin said...

Your ears must have been burning because
I was thinking of me.

Chien B√Ętard said...

Damn. Can't keep my mes straight!

elena said...

Was you thinking of me?
She does not know.

What happens when pronouns ripen?
Gravity would have it they fall.
Quantum theory would have them migrate in the other lab, and die. Just like the cat.
Teeth only. Grinning.

VanessaP said...

Actually, this is sort of a neat e.g. of sobjectivity. In mens rea in actus reus, so to speak.