Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter verse

I've decided to have fun. Inspired by the new program and Arjun (see interview below). But I have long been a fan of the short-short, poem or story or play, I like it brief. The stanzas are created out of twitter posts available at the time of composition. Rules? Other than the 140 characters that all Twitter posters have, I make myself use the text that my followers provide, and if I click on, I use what's there and I use it before it changes, which would be cheating. So no refreshing. Quick and dirty.

Will I continue to do this? Not sure. But for now, here's what happened...odd to see it accumulate.

Plastic Ono poet du jour a deputy fury experiment in sound major or influential naked bumble bees awake breezes: nature needs a proofreader
4 minutes ago from web

The calm dream was peculiarly boring, lacking gossip or activism, anxiety birds sketching news stories, zero social testicles in beaks, see?
about 16 hours ago from web

She walks the caribou streets of Manhattan heading to boreal apple store for new Proust, fleshy & forest, babbling strewn cleavage tweetlove
about 6 hours ago from web

Carmine is not a big fan of teens partying with Morrissey. "His teeth frighten me!" Strange historical torture memo set to music. Buy? Skip?
7:17 PM Apr 24th from web

To daunting, in sex worker, of species, is twitter, or scenes links, then conductor flight, on Tribeca, was Captain Hilarious worth telling?
8:52 AM Apr 23rd from web

Dear Al: I tell myself an orgy of solar panels, or knick knacks, or bacterial robots must manufacture optimism or balance my life. #hipsters
9:52 AM Apr 20th from web

always two sides/ always leverage/ impact/ love kids a funk in the air/ the secret is change/ is change the secret/ how thin you slice air!
8:51 AM Apr 19th from web

So much sun, Vladimir! Estrogen in Soho while a tot snores. In Windsor blow torches, arc welder, sheet metal: dudes make shit. Serious shit!
1:36 PM Apr 18th from web

opacity is a courtyard for the pancake breakfast cabaret all night in meow meow / New York citizens sick of 5 alarm / glamorous copter crash
7:17 PM Apr 17th from web

Spartan & Simon Phoenix piss off stressed continuities / en route/ kegs and flip-flops / beatific gauntlet of high-fives/ silence of Ferrets
3:09 PM Apr 17th from web

Whose Denise? Almost Silence. Spot-on scam exuberantly live from midtown, walking data wizards contest truth once and for all. Woot Joyful!
7:05 PM Apr 16th from web

Be inspired & remember, never judge a persons capability too quickly! Persist & watch. Sometimes our car crash rubbernecking clips purpose.
8:14 AM Apr 15th from web

Summaries? Cranial Soup fame: super duh = S'uh. Now every time my tongue ensues trade center dirges diorama art. Eclectic Jews know yowl.
2:10 PM Apr 14th from web

Damn Heisenberg's birdhouse! Web editor tweets clouds on Venus at 11:00. Time to chisel popcorn & watch scorched holiday clips w/out noses.
11:01 PM Apr 13th from web

My 6 yo car built by arch, wry, Ford employees at joes: corner of waverly and gay, west village, now sq kms of empty pavement. Ahhhhhhh. 2.0
4:27 PM Apr 13th from web

An invocation caught / earth you steal my thunder/ songs rehire /primacy of oral / print trampolined / do / a history / a la / is/was / loss
11:05 AM Apr 13th from web

and so on....


VanessaP said...

V. nice. C2:

Twitter ConPo from Oslo

R. said...

Damn Heisenberg's birdhouse, indeed! Maybe part of the attraction of constrained forms (tweets, sonnets, sestinas, all that Oulipo hath wrought) is that there's a kind of uncertainty principle in operation: the more constrained the language, the more the words *must mean* (or, as readers, we must make them mean). Yet another argument against the 1200 page commodity-novel, too.

Chien Bâtard said...

Well, yes. I think these little tweets force me to make some meaning out of the random posts that come my way...but do they build to anything? Do they inspire a collaborative reading? Not sure.

R. said...

Somebody or other (I can't recall who) said in regard to great works built out of fragments (I think the reference was specifically to Benjamin's Arcades Project) that this wasn't something you could *plan* to do. I'm not sure I agree with that, but it seems to me that you won't know if you've twittered in vain until you've got a cloud-full of tweets in hand...

concept said...

Sorry I missed this comment earlier, it's a good point. Early days indeed. And I think I agree that one might not plan a work like Arcades--one might decide to start a project of such scale, but does one ever really know how relevant it will be?