Thursday, May 14, 2009

A few of my favorite tweets

So my current favorite Twitter dude is...


Why? Great one liners:
  1. Copyright is dead—because you cannot sign a pixel.
Ongoing updates about wacky intersections between poetics, science and technology:
  1. They compose serenades and lullabies, using six German sirens:
  2. They translate mathematical proofs into fugues for toy pianos:
He makes me think about sound differently:
  1. Listen to numerous audioclips of failing hard-drives:
  2. They record the sound of ambient magnetic fields in the cityscape:
  3. They compose a symphony using dot-matrix printers:
  4. They compose a symphony out of dialtones in the attending audience:
And he is of course, a poet:
  1. A poem should be a ringing phone inside a solid, crystal cube.
I think Christian has found his online medium.

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