Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Capilano Review

Dear TCR,
Thank you for your ongoing excellentness. For the cover of the current issue, sliding out of the envelope this morning to reveal paint-splotched tires and pallets in a shrubby wood. Thank you for the smell of the ink and paper (no doubt toxic but I inhale deeply), and for including photographs in a literary journal, for including essays, catalog copy, non-fiction, all manner of text. Thanks for Karin Bubas (her name appears again), and the essay on "Stump Skulls" and the photo of "cart bombing" (downhill on Barclay is very good fyi). Am I simply nostalgic or is the thinking about architecture, art, and poetry reaching some kind of golden moment on the other side of the Rockies?

Thanks for the Ian Wallace shots from the early 70s, and for Colin Browne's "Kingfisher Annex: An Excerpt":
Time tells, time's table, a flock-shore horses, dunlins. Who asks! (Whose ask?) Time's ache. The
flood of what roars in and out grips and lets go, taking, with it, us, and lets us,
taking, take, narrows, furrows, currents, crusts, arches, tidings, herring gyros....
Thanks for Michael Turner on Malcom Lowry, and one of Lisa Robertson's walks. I'll take the Ron Thom house, (page 161), and happily retire. It's one way to shut me up.

Awesome issue. Between West Coast Line, TCR, The Malahat, Geist, and Canadian Literature, the west coast seems to be enjoying a golden moment...and I haven't even finished this issue of TCR.

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