Sunday, July 19, 2009

He is the very model of a modern major poet...

Blech to the term "major poet," but if the shoe fits anyone it might be this guy.

Speaking of Chrissie Hynde--Debbie an Epic is a rock star poem is it not?

A wee discussion of what is so daunting about Ms. Robertson (once referred to as "the thinking woman's Anne Carson"), over at the Poetry Foundation.

Allen Ginsberg could do what Chrissie Hynde does, though I think rather less around the hips.

Cohen is the obvious exception, but let's not be obvious. Who else?

Eunoia? Bien sur.

Have you heard the Poetry Magazine podcast for the July/August issue?
Kenny? Rock star.

And what's the difference between being a poet with bedhead, a poem with bedhead, and a poem that is a rock-out, anthem-like poem?

In other words, which poem is embedded in your psyche?


Chris said...

Are you saying that Debbie an Epic trashes its hotel room? Signs its autograph on the breasts of its fans? Or does it put excessive riders in its contracts about serving only red Smarties backstage? It has better diction than most of the rock stars I've met, and most of the rock stars I've met have been the "hyperliterate" wordy indie rock types. Will we find out about its struggles with heroin in a special episode of "Debbie an Epic: Behind the Poem"?

Lemon Hound said...

Sort of smacks of all that doesn't it? I mean Debbie is huge! Hotel room? Would she fit? Wouldn't the bones be flung out the window? I would like to write that script by the way. But I think Christine Stewart's dissertation should be called that when it appears in book form!

Lisa said...

Chrissie Hynde is vegan.