Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Literary spats

Oh, you thought Alice Hoffman was nasty, publishing a reviewer's phone number and urging fans to harass her? Okay, that is nasty. But what's up with the Malcom Gladwell/Chris Anderson online cat fight? Twitter is all a twitter. My friend Lisa point out one source who gets at a few of the more sensitive nerve ends that might be tickled here... Airport books genre indeed. Gladwell has positioned himself as the most benign commentator of the banal. Chris Anderson I am not familiar with and so must get myself to an airport post haste.

And here Ange Mlinko tackles all the Seidel fans. Well, being grumpy does a position make. Mrrrowww. That was the sound of claws retracting.

Now, all we need is a bitchy little comment about Richard Florida and we have ourselves a blog post!

But do we really need a bitch little comment from yours truly? I think not.

Show the love. Stevie Wonder last night was not as awesome as I wanted it to be, but it was Stevie yo! Stevie! And he sang along with Michael Jackson. Karaoke style.


Boyd Nielson said...

Ange Mlinko's well-timed article is certainly fierce. And rather a welcome pleasure.

Caveat lector, to be sure.

Murk Plectrum said...

Everyone's a critic ...