Thursday, August 20, 2009

glam rock

Which Elton John song to feature? Which album? There were so many. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road stands out for me--I was barely double-digits and relying on my sisters for music. One was into glam rock, one into pretty/soft rock. "Bennie and the Jets" below from a live concert circa 1976 was a total mystery, as was Bernie Taupin (I think he still is, but check out his blog here).
Elton on the Cher show

Not quite 70s...close (a few months shy) Here's Major Tom.

Again, it's ridiculous to try and pick a Bowie from the 70s...he was the 70s...hit after hit, and all that morphing of identity.
Here's a strange little clip of Bowie and Warhol

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