Monday, September 28, 2009


"The term in fiction does not have the same meaning as it does with reference to an action film"

I don't know, he was all over the map, I mean quite literally, jerking around, his chin seemed the only part of his body with a clear understanding of where it was meant to be going, if not wanted to be going because, like I said, he was all over, waving what seemed like a slingshot at the woman who was all freaked out and silent even when he got close and nearly struck her with the slingshot, which could well have been just a twig--though it seemed scarier, you know, the implement, which someone else said was a weapon, though that term seems more like, metalic or something than a piece of wood, which is after all burnable, and/or blunting, and has a kind of natural smell to it--like if it was cedar, which this wasn't cause I didn't notice it at all, even after the car was there and the map streaked with blood.

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