Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Are all anti-heros tragically flawed? Are they heroic in their rejection of the stock heroic? Are they faux heroic? Are they everyman? Everywoman? Every amoeba? Mornings up and out the building across 104th through the parking lot, rain trenching into curbs, so through the mall, overpass, light slanting through opaque peaks, wide swaths of piped in music and the cleaning women in pink smocks with dusters and men driving Zamboni sized floor polishers, plastic corn plants, stores opening, glass sloping, long-legged perfectly coiffed women, out across more pavement, toward the gang-plank of the school yard, the parade of morning cuffs and butt-swallowing head bangers bent on pounding out all difference: every queer thirteen year-old is an anti-hero. Every suburban waif with a hint of quirky.

see also "villain," "queer-bashing," "homophobia," "poverty & perversion"

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