Friday, October 30, 2009


The day the blood came I was covered in gravel. Sandy in my ears and eyes, all under my jeans where the cuffs rub. Slay and I climbed the rock mounds in the concrete factory and surfed down on cardboard. We got in under the gate where the dogs are chained. Slay threw a bone--not a boner, like my brother says--and it landed the length of a skipping rope in front of them and they snapped and pulled at their chains like in the movies when the burgler is coming. We flipped a coin to see who was gonna snicker over and kick the bone close and even though Slay lost I did it because Slay is bigger on the outside than on the inside and it was fun to get so close and hear them nasty in my ears. Later when the security guard come I dove head first under the gate as if I could curl under it silky as water, which of course I couldn't and my T-Shirt shred on the pavement and my chest was a mat of blood and gravel--not something a lady would do, a phrase I did not want sticking on me and now is coming from every adult mouth.

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