Sunday, October 18, 2009

Harriet's ongoingness and new blogs

Excellent line up at Harriet including Anselm Berrigan--great post yesterday which was more like a prose poem than a prose post, and lovely. I have yet to read Berrigan's new book, but I look forward, and it was great to see him on the cover of Poets and Writers Magazine last month. He has a few poems up on Jacket.

I have been enjoying Barbara Jane Reyes's posts as well--she has introduced me to lots of new voices during her time there. New Canadian bloggers this week include Chris Banks and Jacob Mooney. The latter had an intriguing book out last year--I love that it made the reader turn sideways because the lines were so long. Thanks to Paul Vermeersch for pointing out Mooney's blog. Did I mention Jonathan Ball has also started blogging?

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