Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paul Durcan listening to Christian Bok

Variousness in readings, that's what interests me. Not four lyric poets all in a row, or four sound poets, or four poets writing the very same angle--unless they're really, really writing the same angle. Nice to read with Paul Durcan and Christian Bok last night, and Mr. Morton, whom I had not met. Very different voices, and all in a way, speaking to each other. And I adored Mr. Durcan, who signed my book "l'audace et encore de l'audace."

Very nice to put faces to some Ottawa people. Wave to you all, and Mr. McDonald, whom I did not have a chance to talk to...wave again.


John W. MacDonald said...


Pearl said...

yes, the cross-pollination potential, all in the head at once diversity is one of my fav things about the fest.

BarbaraS said...

Oh you lucky duck, LH, I'm a big fan of Paul Durcan's work.