Saturday, November 14, 2009

Biter Bit

One of the earliest poems I recall writing was an illustration of this and it left me feeling uneasy. Later I attempted to write a story in which the psychiatrist and patient end up reversing places. Being 13, and having never met a psychiatrist proved problematic, but again, as a young wanna-be-writer this ironic twist was very compelling. Always the twist. It may have something to do with the power imbalance most children endure. And perhaps a little bit of a revenge fantasy. In any case it has been a long while since I had the urge to frame a story in this way. There are strange examples online, the pervert's penis bitten by a raccoon, the broadcast journalist facing defamation charges, the outing of a policeman anonymously blogging in England. It also appears to be the title of a story by Wilkie Collins, which I have ordered but haven't read. It's an odd way to tell a story, a bit twisted indeed. Like an Atwood plot. Yes, perhaps just like an Atwood plot.

twisted ending; irony


Paul said...

What a very cool blog. I found you through Don Share and just wanted to let you know I am following along, learning and enjoying. Thanks.

MissWanda said...

What the heck are you going on about here? Although I like the name Wilkie Collins. More Wilkie than Collins.

Lemon Hound said...

Are you questioning my stellar ambling style, or the fact of Wilkie Collins, novelist extraordinaire?

Lemon Hound said...

Thanks Paul. Thanks Don.

MissWanda said...

I reckon I was being bratty. Back to 1961 for me, where I can learn some proper manners/isms.

Revenge and fantasy together in a sentence are good pardners.

But seriously, I'd read a story about the pervert's penis bitten by a raccoon.