Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Malady of Modernism

It's true, you put stuff out there and you get lovely surprises. Some of them good. This from Kenny Goldsmith:
The Malady of Writing: Modernism You Can Dance To (MP3) In collaboration with MACBA in Barcelona, UbuWeb is pleased to present a podcast accompanying their new exhibition entitled The Malady of Writing, a project imagines a pleasurable, humorous and fun version of modernism. This podcast is based on Mark Klienberg's proposition: "Could there be someone capable of writing a science-fiction thriller based on the intention of presenting an alternative interpretation of modernist art that is readable and appreciated by the wider public?", which has actually been answered affirmatively in a certain undercurrent of artist's audio production over the past century; let's call it an unofficial unofficial history of modernism (doubly unofficial since artist's audio production has been viewed as secondary to the their plastic / marketable production). Artists featured include: Alfred Jarry and Charles Pourny, Erik Satie, George Antheil, Gertrude Stein, Salvador Dal', Allen Ginsberg, Karl Holmqvist, Jack Smith, Karlheinz Stockhausen, The Beatles, The Mothers of Invention, The Beach Boys, Sue Tompkins, Flanagan & Allen, Gilbert & George, Kipper Kids, Laurie Anderson, Karen Finley, Chris Burden, Joseph Beuys, Martin Kippenberger, Miranda July, Seth Price, and Sean Landers.
And you all can subscribe to Goldsmith's podcast via the Poetry Foundation. Amazing stuff. Check out the women of the avant garde. Among the women you will meet is Judy Dunaway who composes musical scores for the balloon. Yes, I mean rubber balloons. Check. It. Out. Surabaya is my fave.

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