Saturday, November 28, 2009

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via Lemon Hound 
Poetry has never tried a thong
9:31 PM Nov 25th from web

Poetry bends even the most rigid constraints, adds a little fur, some tooth, several consonants and a Stella McCartney boustier
11:03 PM Nov 24th from web

Thinking of scrolls, miniatures, over-sized books such as those in the Morgan: there has never been a "right way" to do books
3:01 PM Nov 24th from web

Poetry queries the movements built up in its defence, particularly since it cannot be contained and therefore requires no defence
12:56 PM Nov 24th from web

Yes, in fact Poetry does sometimes put a party hat on and have a smart cocktail at 5:08 all by itself
5:09 PM Nov 23rd from web

If his poems were cars, Poetry mused with some cheek, they would be beige Camry, beige Camry, beige Camry
7:44 AM Nov 23rd from web

Poetry isn't sure whether it is a bitch or a bitch. Sigh. Maybe both?
9:48 PM Nov 22nd from web

Poetry thinks Richard Serra is a very sculptural poet
12:27 AM Nov 22nd from Tweetie

Poetry finds itself on a gridded island and is quite content
10:11 AM Nov 21st from Tweetie

Poetry loves a parkway: appreciates the approach, the funnel and swerve
6:40 PM Nov 20th from Tweetie

Poetry is neither a Vendler girl or a Perloff girl
12:33 PM Nov 19th from web

Poetry doesn't need the gaps filled in thank you...
8:41 AM Nov 19th from web

Poetry can't be counted on to dress appropriately, or even dress, or even be appropriate for that matter
9:01 PM Nov 18th from web

Poetry feels about you as a window feels about the sun...
3:51 PM Nov 18th from web

Poetry puts on a "pair of loose easy palatable boots and me rendre chez vous"
12:39 PM Nov 18th from Tweetie

"If you are squeamish, don't poke the beach rubble." This PSA brought to you by Poetry and Sappho via Mary Barnard
11:39 AM Nov 17th from web

Poetry would like to remind you that it is not an idiot
9:55 PM Nov 16th from web

Poetry is not amused by those who make simplistic arguments in defence of it...
8:42 AM Nov 16th from web

Poetry suggests that all writing, even writing that purports not to be performative, is performative
4:32 PM Nov 15th from web

Poetry rejects the simplistic binaries of those who seek to evaluate it as though it were a fossil
11:18 AM Nov 15th from web

Poetry aims for not an ounce of flab in her verse, prefers concrete to treadmills, spade to weight, variety to routine
10:27 AM Nov 14th from web

Poetry gets tired of people confusing their personal aesthetic preferences with good poetry...
3:30 PM Nov 11th from web

Poetry notes that it too has squirreled into the eaves of your warm dwelling and taken shelter with its store of nuts
11:06 AM Nov 6th from web


Paul said...

Perhaps it's ironic but the link goes to sorry that page does not exist. Just thought I'ld let you know.

Lemon Hound said...

Strange. Worked when I tried it. Perhaps it was a Twitter-blip. They happen.