Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shameless Hussy's Literary Advice

Dear Shameless Hussy,
I have been watching the debate about reviewing in this country with some interest. After reading several posts on the matter I did my own research. What struck me even more than the obvious bias of the reviews is the overwhelming number of them being penned by men, usually from the center and east of it, and with distinctly similar tones. Is there some reason we don't see more women reviewing?


Dear Curious,
We are talking about the poetry world I assume? The Canadian contemporary poetry world in particular? I ask because having spent time on both sides of the border and in many poetry worlds I am surprised to find that the current mainstream discourse has moved back in time. In fact it seems stuck in the early1960s. October, 1961, to be exact. I suppose if a woman was content to set up office in the store room, a pack of mimeograph paper by her side, blue pencil tucked firmly in her upswept hair, she might be able to write some copy--there are a smattering of women out there after all. But as it is I think your purpose in this world is to be supportive of these poor guys who are out there tirelessly reviewing and loading the canon on our behalf. Really, you should learn how to make a good martini, practice being a good ear and offering supportive feedback. That's more useful to society in general. What would happen if these guys didn't have healthy mirrors to reflect themselves? (Note that objects in mirrors may appear larger than they are.)

Joannie, Red, Shameless Hussy, Peggy, Emily, Cupcakes, Pink-Hearts-for you, and so on....


cityofmushrooms said...

soon enough all we poetry-writin' peggy's will get our medusa masks on

Lemon Hound said...

Watch out! There may be opinions and everything.

Paul said...

That is superb. Glorious linguistic intelligence for the befuddlement of the hypocritical.