Monday, November 02, 2009

Student Essay Contest

Nice. Arc has entered the ring, offering a prize for a student "How Poems Work" essay. Very happy to see this: it's an idea long, long overdue. I just hope they are open to a variety of submissions, and that we can perhaps expand our idea of what good prose might be. Or good thinking and writing about poetry. Or poetry! Over and over again people assume, as they do with writing poetry, that there is only one narrow approach to writing and thinking about poetry. And like most literary journals in Canada, Arc seems to have a slant. Okay, a slope. Nonetheless it does what it does very well. The last issue I saw--in the loot bag of the OWF--had a fabulous essay by Rob Winger on the ghazal.

Kudos to Arc for this move. I hope bags and bags of submissions arrive at your door.

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