Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Under Pressure: Everybody's Talking Trash

 Oops, I mean MFAs. Do these people have no respect?

Poets & Writers steps into the rankings game. 

Which pisses off the Best American Poetry machine.

Which leads to parodies: 
Writing is like sex: sometimes you have to pay for it. I’m not saying don’t get an MFA, I’m just saying wear a condom. Everybody ends up smelling more funny. Of course I’m kidding. We are all friends here.
HTML on the MFA

and more Silliness featuring Dan Nester, who is, yes, pretty funny. 

Meanwhile there is a serious conversation happening over at Rachel Zolf's MFA related blog. Her project actually gets at the mechanics of the MFA from the inside.  And exposes much in the discussion.
Still, I would rather be rocking out:

P.S. All great artists acknowledge each other...


paul baker said...

As I sit housebound recuperating from a killer cold, I appreciate this post for the laughs and the links. Oops, I initially typed 'kinks.' Well, that too. Chicken broth, anyone?

Lemon Hound said...

Oh, I made a store of my own chicken soup on the weekend. Tried to make it half as good as the 4th Street Deli, my old chicken soup haunt in Philly.

Can't say it is half as good, particularly since it doesn't have motza balls, but barley is good, barley is food for the ailing.

As are Bowie and Mercury. Give me a poet that can exude half the energy of these two and I'm sold. I'll even let them speak for me...

VanessaP said...