Friday, December 04, 2009

Poems of the first decade

The best list will be out in full force, this being an 09 leading to a 10. It occurred to me that I need to think about a rough list of books that have stuck with me over the decade. Then it dawned on me that most of the poetry that constitutes the most exciting is already gathered up in my anthology, Open Field, a book that I think, celebrates what's fabulous about Canadian poetry. It's almost time for an updated volume though, so who and what would I consider adding? That's a good question. A pleasant one to ponder. If I could leave the historical context out (not that I would want to), but if I could...and here's the thing, for me it's not a question of what's best--since best tells me little--but rather what am I still thinking about, what resonates with me, what do I carry? Some books might be exciting at first encounter, but would I want to go back to them? Would there be anything new the second, third time? Because after all, if poetry can't be inhabited? If it doesn't want to linger, be memorized and inscribed...


Hedgie said...

Being unable to resist compulsive list-making, here are several I would be inclined to include:

Elizabeth Bachinsky
Jason Christie
Esther Mazakian
Camille Martin
Katia Grubisic

(I love Open Field and refer to it often; I look forward to The Field Opens Again.)

Mitchell said...

@Hedgie: good list!

Lemon Hound said...

Yes, but it is interesting when one actually starts stacking poems up...poets you think must be in the mix often don't quite hold up.