Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unleashed Unleashed At Last

Unleashed by Sina Queyras
Department of Critical Thought No. 2

Experience a little time travel as BookThug presents our final book of the 2009 year. You can also experience a little time travel reading the book itself, as you follow Queyras for four years of her experiment in thinking about literature & art via her blog. Started for many reasons -- a way for an expat to keep in touch with fellow writers and artists, a way to come to terms with the increasing relevance of the Internet in literary lives, and a way to figure out why, after decades of gains, women writers are still grossly under-represented in critical dialogues -- the blog allowed Queyras to take up a public space and voice that does something to one's brain. There is no getting away from the space she created "out there" -- now Unleashed.

Copies are available for purchase directly from BookThug.

Or visit your favourite independent bookseller.

Delays, delays, but it's "here"...not in my hand yet, but there is the physical fact of a book in other hands. Human ones, that can crack the spine and see, not code but readable text. Oh, and images. 

I've always wanted to do a book with images.


voxpopulism said...

11/27/05 Where, one might ask, are the women? I have my theories. Look to the deletions, the hesitations, the reflective responses....the women are still out there thinking, their voices not quite up for the often bombastic and instantaneous responses.

Sure, but I think you're estimating bombasticness, somewhere. And for the record, it only took me twelve seconds to think this up and write it ;P

Looking forward to having my own copy in my hands.

Ray said...

Congratulations, Sina! It's interesting to know what place this blog emerged from.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Congratulations! Sharp cover. Looking forward to reading it!

Lemon Hound said...

Sure, but I think you're estimating bombasticness, somewhere...not sure I follow, Jake. The lack of female voices in general poetic discourse in this country is not something one can argue with can they? Look at the blogrolls...look at the Cage Match and the inability of either candidate to weave the poetry of ANY women into their thinking.

People can say all they want but their thinking reveals the lack of ability in general, to engage with work outside of their own immediate interest.

This is fine for the average person--engage with whomever or whatever you want. On the other hand, if you're a public intellectual, a critic, an academic, someone purporting to speak on behalf of an art, or literature, and then--well, it's shocking.

And embarrassing.