Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recent Stack - Six books / chapbooks

The i.e. Reader | ed. Michael Ball, with Lauren Bender, Jamie Gaughran-Perez, & Justin Sirois | Narrow House | 2009
When I lived in DC, I would sometimes hop up to Baltimore to attend the i.e. readings curated by the amazing Michael Ball. See the review by Mark Wallace here. The book is dedicated to kari edwards (whom I met only once, & it was at hir i.e. reading).

Renee Gladman | The Activist | Krupskaya | 2003
I was recently reading her newer book To After That: (Toaf), but then I couldn't find The Activist on my shelf (woes of moving). The replacement used copy that I ordered came with student marginalia scattered throughout: "alienation of language" "white=violence" "mournful speaking"

Lawrence Giffin | Get the Fuck Back Into That Burning Plane | Ugly Duckling Presse | 2009
I got it last spring at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. "When I am feeling not at all myself / I go into my house / where all my cool stuff is."

Kevin Killian | Action Kylie | ingirumimusnocteetcomsumimurigni | 2008
Video reading of "Is It All Over My Face" here (from the National Poetry Foundation's conference on The Poetry of the 1970s).

Suzanne Stein | Hole in Space | OMG! | 2009
"and, and, I might read to you for a little bit as well. in a little while............. ............. ............. so, um, one of the things that I'm gonna do is, uh, I'm going to um, uh, as a way of making an invitation to you?"

Sotère Torregian | Envoy | Punch Press | 2009
I only knew his poems from The Angel Hair Anthology. Now he (audio) blogs at Harriet.

Kaplan Harris is guest blogging on Tuesdays in January & February. His work appears in American Literature, Artvoice, Contemporary Literature, the EPC, Jacket, and The Poetry Project Newsletter. He is also editing, with Peter Baker & Rod Smith, The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley for the University of California Press. He lives in Buffalo.

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