Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sachiko Murakami: No sense is good sense

I'm at home, sick, feeling rather sorry for myself and not having much of a phenomenal blog post in me. To cheer myself up, I am watching this over and over again. Trust me, it is extremely relevant to contemporary poetry. Oll raigth!


Sachiko Murakami wrote The Invisibility Exhibit. You can read new poems by her at Forget and The Puritan. She bellyaches from Toronto.


alexleslie said...

When I was watching this obsessively on loop a few months ago I googled it and found out that he wrote it to sound like what English sounds like to someone learning it as a second language, hence the classroom intro in some versions of the video. I thought that was amazing...I grew up speaking two languages and clearly remember the Everything-Is-Gibberish stage. Cool to see that reproduced, especially because that is how music in English must sound to all the non-English-speaking parts of the world who are barraged with the North American music industry.

Lemon Hound said...

love this vid. it's soo wacky. and mesmerizing yes, mesmerizing.

Sachiko said...

Had another bad day today and watched this again. Ood medicine. I find that verification words on Internet forms - like the one I'll have to type to post this comment - eganone - produce a similar feeling of delight in me. Is there a word for almost-sense? The brillig of it all?