Monday, March 29, 2010

"the way books feel in our hands" : Nikki Reimer

Or, indie girl embraces the retrograde.

(a meditation on the future of the publishing industry)


In 1991 Nikki Reimer turned to the girl beside her in math class and confessed her love for the smell of new books.


alexleslie said...

I was sure someone would have commented by now...

This is fascinating Nikki -- wish you had written more about its composition. In particular the shift in the music halfway through from minor to major key. And the feeling constructed in the music of "rewinding" time/erasing content (musical strategy old as Bach's variations). And who is the female voice? Fairly ambiguous in terms of British class position. And that it's a typically feminine female voice. They did their generationally-specific number with Lady Gaga. I feel so pigeonholed...I mean, recognized.

Brilliant structure, tho. The shift worked on me. It retains its message by arranging and rearranging it simultaneously and so it has a flicker effect. I resonated with both variations, but I am supposed to. That's what makes it work. This comment is already too long. Someone should do a close reading of this ad like it's a poem =)

My comment moderation word below that I need to retype to submit this is "hersplit." Seriously.


Roz said...

Me too. I was really struck by this piece. Impressive, coming from a trade publisher even. Wonder who at DK Books thought of this?

I like that analysis of the minor to major key. Felt the shift/rewind happening in the music but couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks for posting this!

nikki reimer said...

@Alex I think you did just analyze it as a poem...

Beyond that I didn't think it really needed analysis or framing. I think it stands well on its own, and I like the ideas it posits about publishing.