Friday, April 30, 2010

Even Bill Murray has difficulty reading poetry to construction workers

via NY Magazine "Bill dropped by the then-in-progress Poets House in Battery Park to share some short verse with the builders. (It gets going at the one-minute mark if you'd rather skip the intro.)" Though there is one poem he seems to connect with...isn't there? I won't say, but maybe you can tell.


Jo M Prescott said...

I wonder if they would have applauded if Bill Murray hadn't told them it was Emily Dickinson; if he'd just read it like the others. Do we trust ourselves to know when a poem is good?

Lemon Hound said...

Good question and insight. I like to think that a "good" poem insists itself...but I know that one can encounter a good poem and not give oneself over to it and when that happens it can be hard to hear.

One might even give up on one's own poem in the middle of a reading...the poem seems to unravel and the poet not far behind.

I wondered if Murray recognized the poem, and therefore became more comfortable reading it, or if he heard the poem and let it be.