Friday, April 02, 2010

Having fun with Frederick

A naked man at any age is just a total nightmare
And through the door they never come with mop in hand
to mop up the hard edged shapes of male design and
bend to kiss the bruised hips of domesticity or care

To make their ideas just a tad more smooth
or unscented, or less in need of another product
or with as much love as one buck for an other buck
staring across their wives in some louche booth

Totally respectfully love Seidel, but it was fun, and in progress. I'll try to note the drafts. Looking for more playful satires of Oooga Booga et al. A good use for the comment stream...

Now must go try to fit the following "these silly ideas of men that linger like cow flops of the floor" into the poem...

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