Tuesday, April 06, 2010

On writing about writing: 32 poet/critics respond

It seems to me, particularly in Canada, we have had this binary used to deflate difference for too long. Anything that resists hierarchical evaluation is cast out as flaky. But one of the real uses of this negative stance it seems to me–and to several people below–is as a tactic to cast “other” as “less than.” To constantly uphold the poet or book of poetry under review as symptomatic of or a solution to the ills of contemporary poetry. Such as the post prior to this that suggests in the end, Kenneth Goldsmith’s provisional language is somehow to blame for something to do with to with the lack of readers.

from On writing about writing: 32 poet/critics respond

A totally depressing, in my opinion anyhow, piece up on Harriet from Lin Dinh that describes a review climate that is all about flattery and poetry as a "pyramid scheme":
As with contemporary poetry criticism, flattery has become the dominant mode. It could only be called encouragement if so much money wasn’t involved. As is, it really is a pyramid scheme.


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