Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prose Poem Contest

What makes for a great prose poem? Is it image? The quality of the prose? The turn? Is it the gait of the sentence? Is a prose poem primarily composed of the sentence, or the phrase, or is the unit of composition the phrase? The vowel? Is a prose poem story? Must it have narrative? Send your submission. We'll publish the winner and the best runners up.

Prose Poem Submission deadline May 5th

Winner will receive new poetry titles from Coach House (Toronto) and Les Figues Press (Los Angeles) plus a copy of Lemon Hound the book.

Please put Prose Poem in the subject heading and paste into the body of an email to conceptual fiction care of gmail.

Judges will be myself and Emma Healey (who will have the final say) is this years winner of the Irving Layton Award for Poetry at Concordia, and editor of the upstart online journal The Incongruous Quarterly.

Oh, and I can't ask you to vote for me every day, but apparently that's what we have to do. So yes, vote today and if you haven't yet, vote tomorrow, and thanks for your support. Really, it's not something I like to ask readers to do...

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