Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vancouver Morning & Art Fix

Thanks to all who came out to Emily Carr last night and wave to those I didn't get to talk to. Only a few hours left in the city and I'm wondering what is essential viewing, art wise. Where must I go?


alex. said...

the marianne nicholson residential school light boxes at the museum of anthropology. part of the 'border crossings' exhibit. also the nicholas galanin intervention chainsaw raven at MOA (; for anyone from bc and therefore reid-satured basically cathartic.

i think i'm too late though.

RW said...

I would recommend the work of Nicole Dextras at the grunt gallery: - wish I could have offered to take you there, but was in meetings at school today.

Last night's discussion was quite the contrast with tonight's Talonbooks launch of eight male writers (some of whom I love, but given all the talented women writers I can think of, I'm astounded that they didn't publish a single one of them this year). I don't think I've ever seen Talonbooks publish eight women all at once. OMG.

Thank you again for your wonderful reading! I appreciated both your poetry of collision and your reminder to toughen up in the face of tomatoes. And I hope you beat the flu!