Thursday, April 29, 2010

Voting Update

Um, can a lowly blogger really win poet laureate of the blogosphere? I'm up against folks like WritersDigest Tweeting to its 40,000 followers. They can't spell, but they're tweeting. It's really insane....

Name Writer's Digest
Location Cincinnati
Web http://www.facebo...
Bio Helping writers since 1920. Publisher of Writer's Market series.
RT @WritersDigest: Help! WD's @RobertLeeBrewer is up for Poet Laurette of Blogosphere & needs votes! Please RT
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck  
Help! WD's @RobertLeeBrewer is up for Poet Laurette of the Blogosphere & needs votes! Takes 2 seconds. Please RT
about 4 hours ago via Seesmic

Now I'm seriously wanting to win this. Please vote and pass it on.

Apologies all for the strangeness of this entire thing...a tie called but the voting continuing after the tie is called...very strange.

But I want to thank all of you who voted. I very much appreciate your support and promise never to ask for such efforts again.

A post to come on the experience of this, but not tonight. Just big thanks, and good night.


Timothy Caldwell said...

Good luck!

Linda said...


Robert Lee Brewer said...


Old 333 said...

Now that it's all over, I wouldn't mind the Poet Laurette those WD folks mentioned there. Are those like little laurels? Are they well cured? I ran out.

To me, it's all about the clicks. I don't get many...but I get to look at a map and chortle over my power of knowledge.

Actually, really, it's all about making the count on the 333 blog before Time! dings - and here I am footling about on the interwebs. I need about a dozen more real, actual poems by midnight, 5/3/2010, or I will turn into a big tomato with ugly bumps and a soft spot. Then spiders will come bursting out of the soft spot, big ones and many smaller ones.

You can see why I feel up against it, I expect.

Congrats - do they give you any lunch or laurels? There's a big, lovely laurel hedge at the old house - I could snab some actual flowers from it and send 'em.

Ta - and wish me luck in my own private little unrewarded madman's competition - the 333 blog.

Ta 'n g'day -


Lemon Hound said...

Do you know the poet Tim Landers from Nanaimo? He sold all of his poetry one-on-one. I remember when he finally got a lap top. He hid it in a massive blackberry bush under the Burrard Street Bridge when he visited Vancouver. Perhaps he slept there too now that I think of it. I have a few of his hand made, hand sewn chapbooks around somewhere.

Reception is one thing. Writing poetry another. Best not confuse the two.

Sometimes I think we should all just write poems in sand and then phoof, away they go.

Amy Barlow Liberatore said...

Sounds a bit Tibetan to me, that last. Congrats on the honors! I blog over on P.A. and would not have known about you had Robert not mentioned you and recommended your work so highly. Also, I'm a Western New Yorker, so Canada, curling, Tim Hortons, and LaBatts all figure heavily in our lives.

Keep up the great work!