Sunday, May 30, 2010

No, it isn't good till the last drop

A shout out to the folks up in Kitimaat this week as they walk to remind us of the dangers of losing the last clean salmon runs on the west coast should Enbridge be allowed to build their pipeline...

And here's a very handy little graphic along with a concise update of the BP disaster. What can anyone say? I have been attempting to quit oil for several decades Facebook, it's tough to quit. I get rid of a car and a year or so later get one again...I don't have one now, and haven't since year two of Brooklyn when my VW Fox rolled its last click into Toronto. Of course not an hour goes by that I'm not relying on something oil related. NB> I love to drive. I love cars. I love roads. I love moving through landscapes--city or pastoral--in cars as much as I do on foot. I just don't love the sagging and unconscious infrastructures we've built up around this as our primary mode of transport.

The narrative of trying to plug up this spill echoes the larger narrative of trying to find replacements to oil, and to the massive infrastructures around the oil industry...but this is the topic of Expressway and I think I said it there as clearly as one can given the tentacles and root systems of this pernicious addiction.

We are, as they say, at the bottom of the oil barrel. No more easy access. What oil we get from here on will come with similar environmental risks, and given the more excessive weather swings, risks that we haven't yet learned to account for. Isn't it time to embrace the pain and start to seriously fund other sectors? Other energy visions? Perhaps an entire summer of endless oil spilling into the gulf will drain the massive coffers of the likes of BP and show that the risks really, really aren't worth it for this kind of dirty oil.

I feel for the people in the Gulf. This latest failure to plug the well is just too depressing.

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Anonymous said...

maybe the more pertinent question this month should be when one plans to finally stop driving her/his car not when one plans to shut down her/his facebook account...seems to me that there are just too many people talkin'the talk instead of walkin' the walk..i know the oil problem is larger than just cars, but its a good place to start!